Coffee Cups

Did you know that most paper packaging isn't actually made from paper?

Many paper packaging items, including coffee cups, aren't entirely composed of paper. They often feature coatings or linings that may include materials like polyethylene (PE) or bio-plastics(PLA). These coatings serve to insulate, prevent leakage, and enhance the packaging's durability.

We devoted a considerable amount of time to finding a truly eco-friendly solution: paper packaging made from paperboard with a water-based coating. We asked ChatGPT: Is this truly the better option?

It's wonderful to hear that you've invested the time in seeking a more eco-friendly solution. Paper packaging made from paperboard with a water-based coating is indeed a more sustainable choice. This aligns with the growing emphasis on eco-friendly and recyclable materials to reduce the environmental impact of disposable products.

Our coffee cups are genuinely crafted from paper and can be recycled as paper.

Sustainability is an ongoing mission. Every little choice we make matters. Help us make a difference and embrace sustainability in all we do.

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